Roslin Bioinformatics - ArkMAP Download

Current Version: 2.78

Configured to retrieve data up to Ensembl release 78 (Dec 2014) and EnsemblGenomes v25.

Please read our licensing information about ArkMAP and the dependent third party code libraries it uses. This information is also available via the ArkMAP 'Help' Menu.

WebStart Download

If the browser you are using is enabled for Java WebStart ('.jnlp' files) you can download and start ArkMAP by clicking either button below. The '64-bit' button requires you to be running a 64-bit Java JRE. (Otherwise, see more explicit instructions for Configuring Java and WebStart for ArkMAP).

32-bit Download for 32-bit   64-bit Download for 64-bit

On most systems downloading and running the Web Start '.jnlp' configuration file will install ArkMAP into a special cache of Java applications on your machine. We have temporarily disabled the installation of desktop shortcuts to ArkMAP, because of problems with Java version incompatibilities. If you have downloaded and saved the jnlp file - double clicking it will typically start the application and automatically check for updates from our server.

Non Webstart Options

If you cannot use the auto-updating WebStart version - you can install and run ArkMAP yourself. ArkMAP will check our server online and give a warning message if it becomes out of date, prompting you to reinstall the new version. This may happen every few months when new Ensembl releases become available, and when new features and bug fixes are added to ArkMAP.

Windows Installer

The windows installer will try and determine if you are using the 64-bit version of Java, and install an appropriate ArkMAP executable.

Download Windows Installer

Apple Mac Disk Image

Download the Disk Image and run ArkMAP on Apple Macs. You can install the to /Applications.

Download Disk Image for Apple Mac

NOTE: From MAC OS X.8 Apple have introduced default 'GateKeeper' Security to prevent users running applications that have not purchased an annual licence from Apple....

Your system may let you run ArkMAP using 'admin' credentials, or you can resolve this issue:

  • click on the Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> Security & Privacy.
  • On the General tab, click the lock icon in the bottom left to allow for changes.
  • You will be prompted for your password.
  • Finally, set it to "Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere"
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If ArkMAP fails to run - you may not have Java installed (see Configuring Java), or you may have it in a non-standard location, check that this Link used by ArkMAP is correct: /System /Library/Frameworks /JavaVM.framework /Versions /Current /Resources /MacOS /JavaApplicationStub.

Java JAR executable

Linux users can download the complete application as a single jar and run it on the command line (specifying the desired max and min memory). This is also a failsafe option for those with experiencing problems with the installer or WebStart downloads.


Download Java JAR

(If you are using Internet Explorer you MUST right-click the hyperlink and choose to 'Save Target As...' with the correct '.jar' file extension, or IE will rename it with the extension '.zip' and much badness may happen...) Run: > java -jar -Xmx8G -Xms1G ArkMAP-Version.jar

You can set -Xmx to whatever memory limit you require (e.g. Xmx1G for 32-bit systems ).